Isaiah/Yeshuayahu 58.12
Those from among you, will rebuild the ancient ruins and raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called "Repairer of Broken Walls" and "Restorer of Paths to rest in."
Worship.  G-d enthrones Himself on the praises of His people.  Allowing us to be in his manifest presence.  Our time in worship is like the day of Shabbat and other Moedim (Festivals of The Lord) - worship at any time is a rehearsal for the olam haba, for eternity.
Those who know my family, know our hearts for worship of The Creator.  They know our heart for bringing hope, life and reconciliation.  To see each culture, each nation, each person bloom into the fulness for which they have been made.  To build upwards, together upon G-d our Rock and foundation ... build out from Messiah the chief cornerstone.
We long to see israel's eyes opened to the Light of her Messiah.  That G-d's deliverance would quickly take ahold and bring Israel fullness of life and covenant.  We also long to see gentile belivers in Messiah Yeshua, those from among the nations, open their eyes towards the elder brother and to seek out the roots of their own faith long obscured.  These roots are those which bring a groundedness and wholeness to the picture of G-d's patience, His long suffering love, dramatically revealed in Yeshua's life.
Isaiah 58.12 is the launching point from which we have been sent ... A call in our family to tell Israel of G-d's unfailing love.

Rebuild: Let us Rebuild the ancient ruins - rebuilding together a temple of praise, a house of prayer for Israel and all nations.

Raise Up: Let us Raise Up the age-old foundations.  Hear Israel, the Lord our G-d, is One Lord alone.  That the gentile Kehila (assembly/community/church) of Messiah, among the nationswould know the foundations of their faith.  The depth of G-d's plans and purposes as shown in Torah, the Prophets and Writings.  How wonderful it is to know the depth of G-d's love!  The wonders of a Redeemer, so Trustworthy and faithful, The G-d of Israel who has proven faithful as a covenant-keeping G-d.

Repair: Let us repair the breach between Jews and Gentiles - Messiah Yeshua is our Shalom, making the two one, destroying the barrier the dividing wall of hostility (Eph 2:14).  Repair the wounds that have festered for so long, since the destruction of the Temple the wounds have been fed by the greed of men and by the Adversary, sin and division heaped upon sin and division.  Not only there, but between nations, cultures and families.

Restore: Restore the streets in which to dwell.  Let us restore Yeshua to Israel - His people, G-d's chosen instrument to bring salvation to all nations.  Like Joseph was hidden by the guise of Egyptian culture, so too Yeshua has been all too hidden from His own.  Let's together restore the Kingdom of G-d (Malkut Elohim) to earth.  It is here, let's walk out The Kingdom in our lives, restoring that which has been lost, relationships, hurts, brokenness.
May we all be called to radical faith, to bring His Kingdom home and to be builders together with The Builder.
- Boneh בונה


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